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March Toward Simplicity 2019


Faithful Organizers Launch 4th Annual MARCH TOWARD SIMPLICITY Campaign


For the fourth year in a row, Faithful Organizers, an international group of Christian Professional Organizers, will be promoting their annual organizing month-long event beginning March 1st.  The campaign involves a daily task to be completed to help individuals create and keep good organizing habits.  Along with each task, is a daily scripture verse to inspire and motivate.  Our approach to organizing differs from other Professional Organizers. Sangita Evans, the devotional director puts it this way, "Because each client is unique and their struggles and needs will differ, as Christian Organizers, we like to take that to a deeper level and make a path for our clients so they can hopefully see and hear God’s voice." 

A daily blog relating to the assigned task will be posted on the Faithful Organizers Facebook page. These articles were written by various members of Faithful Organizers. In addition to these three items, an image depicting the task will be included.  “Our goal is to make the campaign user-friendly so that all people seeking assistance would be encouraged to participate,” stated Kathy Meckley, the marketing representative with Faithful Organizers.

March Toward Simplicity
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Faithful Organizers Promote America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is November 15th.  As Christian organizers, Faithful Organizers' members strive to improve the quality of life in homes, offices and the environment.  Recycling is a key component in the process of de-cluttering, sorting and organizing.  Through the sorting process, items are set aside to be redistributed for recycling.  Many times, people are tempted to simply toss the outdated electronics, the old eyeglasses, even books in the trash because they don't know what to do with them.  There are resources available that will recycle even reuse these items.  Stores and organizations also offer donation receipts. If you need suggestions, click here to find an organizer to help you through the process.

Here's a few places to recycle: Staples, Recycling locator, Styrofoam, what can be recycled

If you know of a store, organization, business, or group that recycles or if you have ideas on how to reuse or repurpose items, share them on our Facebook page.


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You may have noticed that things look a little bit different on our website.  We are celebrating 25 years as a group as shown on our logo. You can read more about Our Story here. 

 We have made great strides in our organization in recent years.  It 2014, we updated our logo to reflect our faith in our Savior. That same year we updated and expanded our website so visitors to our website could do their own search for members and speakers.  Also, potential members can apply online.

 We have expanded our board of directors to include marketing and treasurer directors.  With the availability of technology, Faithful Organizers now has a Facebook page where daily tips, inspirations and humor are posted.  Our “likes” grow every month.

We have expanded our memberships services to include monthly virtual meetings, a private Facebook page for members only, a monthly newsletter and, as always, a monthly devotional.

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