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God is moving us in mighty ways.  Eileen Koff, Faithful Organizers' Education and Devotions director, completed a two part interview on the Health Begins at Home podcast.  Brooke Lounsbury, RN, hosted the hour long broadcast. Her program, Health Begins at Home, airs on both Messianic Lamb radio and Hebrew Nation Radio.

Eileen discusses many facets of organizing including the various aspects of the situationally challenged, chronically challenged and hoarders.  The majority of our clients come under the first two categories.  Hoarders are unique in that they require assistance with specially trained organizers and therapists.  Eileen further covers the differences between being an organized person and what a professional organizers does.

Ms. Koff, author of the book “Organize His way” explains the importance of how an organized life can declutter and improve your relationships and draw you closer to God. The interview also covers the correlation between organizing and purging your home for Passover. Click here to listen to podcast #70.  It is 55 minutes long so curl up with a nice cup tea in your favorite chair to take it all in.


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