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Organize Your Card Supply

Organizing Your Card Supplies So You Can Bless Others

Task: Organize your cards.

2 Cor. 3:2 “You are our letter written in our hearts, known and read of all men.”

When was the last time you sent a birthday card or thank you note? When was the last time you received a personal card or letter in your mailbox?

Even with all the great variety of communication options available today, I still prefer a card or letter I can hold in my hand, display on my table, and save in a box.  I enjoy sending out all types of cards for all kinds of occasions. And it touches my heart when I receive them!

Two of my desk drawers are designated for my supply of cards. You could also organize cards in a basket or plastic tote. I created simple dividers so I can quickly find a specific kind of card. I prefer an abundant selection of cards on hand, so that I can send them out as the need arises. I also keep a variety of blank cards on hand. The Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores offer fashionable cards at good prices. I do have a few supplies on hand to make custom cards, but that is a bit of a challenge for me!

It is amazing how much easier it is to send out cards when you have all your supplies in one place. I keep my personal address book and my church directory in one desk drawer. Stamps and return address labels have their special spot on top of my desk near my jar holder of pens. In the middle of my desk, I keep a decorative box with my lineup of cards I intend to send that month. When I purchase a specific card for a person, I put a small sticky note on it with that person’s name. I have a flat desk top calendar that I use as a writing surface, as well as a place to jot down the names of people I have sent cards to that month. That way I don’t just think about doing it—I can see that I did!

After I have displayed cards I have received, I select a few special ones to keep in pretty, decorative boxes. Whenever I need a dose of encouragement, I love to sit down with a cup of tea, reread the cards, and relive the memories.

If you are only going to send out one kind of card, you might want to choose a thank you card. We tend to neglect expressing gratitude in writing. It really should be the easiest thing to do! All it needs to be is short and sweet, with a few personal details. I once saw a library book where the author decided to write a thank you note every day for one year; he never ran out of people to thank.

I like to have on hand a list of Bible verses that offer encouragement and hope in different situations. I keep this list with my cards so I can quickly scan the list for the most appropriate verse to write inside the card. I consider sending cards a ministry to encourage others. 

Let me encourage you to gather all your cards, stamps, addresses, and directories into one spot. Buy an assortment of cards and a booklet of stamps. Set aside a time each week to send out cards. Then smile knowing that you have blessed someone else with your written communication of love. Jane McWhorter, author of Special Delivery, calls them paper treasures. You just never know how much it will mean to someone else. What card will you send out this week?

Written by: Olive Wagar, Organized by Olive

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