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The Disadvantage of Disorganization

The Disadvantage of Disorganization
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Matt. 5:3 “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the Kingdom of the heavens belong to them.”

A big disadvantage of disorganization is that it disrupts even destroys relationships.  Clutter can isolate us from building and sustaining meaningful relationships.  Instead of building a safe haven, clutter builds walls of isolation.

Let’s examine what we love.  That will tell us a lot about our possessions and how tightly we hold on to the things that end up cluttering our lives. What do you value?  Think about it. What do you really love about yourself, your clothes, your house, and your belongings? What does what you value say about you? How you spend your money greatly determines your priorities.  What expenditures have you made recently? What condition are your valuables in? How do you honor and respect them?

Keeping everything and not honoring our possessions undermines the value of that object.  We tend to take things for granted.  The more you have, the less you appreciate what you have.  All our stuff has a cost.  First when you purchase it and then when you store it and maintain it.   And that cost can be even greater!

What is required of people is to change their mindset.  That is the key component to maintaining organization.  What we perceive to be true we believe to be true.  If you perceive that things will bring you happiness, then you believe that that one item will bring you happiness.  The problem is, that is short lived.  Happiness has to do with your immediate experience – instant gratification.  Therefore, consumerism doesn’t work.  Clutter robs all life out of a room and from those who occupy it. When we are constantly living in a space full of stuff, it robs the joy from our lives.  A positive outlook helps us let go of the many things that have kept us trapped without a sense of personal loss.

Simplifying your life is what organization is all about. Organization restores balance, meaning and a feeling of being connected, the walls are broken down.  This connection is important.  When we feel connected, we feel more secure and we won’t be so apt to fill our lives with things. We can focus more on Him who blesses us abundantly.

Written by: Kathy Meckley, Transforming Spaces

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