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Members of Faithful Organizers® are available for local, national and international interviews for print, on the radio, cable and television networks. Search our Find an Organizer directory for your region specific market. For more information regarding Faithful Organizers®, contact us.


Several members of Faithful Organizers attended the NAPO conference in Scottsdale, Arizona May 28 – 31, 2014. Nine members, including two board members, joined other non-members for devotions, prayer and dinner during the conference. Devotions were held in The Peacekeeper’s Garden. Those who did not know about Faithful Organizers were very excited to meet and join in the gatherings.

Jean Furuya, Faithful Organizer’s director, stated, “God’s presence was definitely with us the whole time. Meeting for dinner and having devotions in a communal setting was a real joy and blessing for me and everyone else. There is nothing like having the personal face-to-face connection with others.”

Faithful Organizers, originally known as Christian Professional Organizers, acquired their current name in 2001. Today, Faithful Organizers is international in scope but no less dedicated to the founding principles of serving our clients with honesty, courtesy, and the gift of our best selves. Faithful Organizers support each other through a group forum sharing both our best practices and our moral dilemmas. As Christ teaches us, we in turn lead by His example.

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