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Organize Your Closet

Simple ways to love your closet and yourself

Task: Remove worn, ill-fitted and outdated clothing

I Samuel 16:7 “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

When you love your closet and what you’re wearing, you feel so much more confident about yourself. With a little dedicated attention, you can purge it, store it and maintain it.  Here are the basics for an effective closet [and confidence building] overhaul.

Clearing the closet
Before you invest in any containers or shelving, you need to know what is going to be staying in your closet. We all have things that we no longer use that need to be purged.
Sort piece by piece.  Take it out of the closet or drawer – hold it and look at it. Is it worn out, faded, pilling, holes, etc. If it’s worn out, but you feel, “I need it until I have a replacement.” Start a list of articles you need to shop for. This way you can purge the item and shop wisely. How long has it been since you’ve worn it? Is it still in style? If two seasons have passed by, it’s time to say good-bye to old fashion.  Don’t keep it just because it was expensive. Gift it or sell it to ease the guilt. It’s not adding to your life just because you spent a lot on it. Does it fit? Don’t keep it because you hope you fit in it someday…we’ve all been there. If you do go down those two sizes you’re holding out for, you will be thrilled and want to go shopping for new things. Or, the clothes will be out of style when you lose the weight, so do keep them just to get rid of them in two years.

  • When sorting, sort into categories:
    Items that go out of the house (donate, sell, give to friend)
    Belongs in another room or closet
    Unsure/need to try on
    Items I love! And are going back in the closet
  • Set a timer if it’s daunting and work for 25 minutes at a time. This helps keep you focused and is more mentally manageable when you know there is a concrete end time. Consider inviting a friend to help!

Where & How to Store it
Store items you use the most, in the most accessible area. Towards the front and at eye level. Be sure things aren’t layered or stacked too high. When you pull an item out, you don’t want them all to tumble over.

  • Things you don’t use as often or off-season items, can be in the back or up high. If you have limited space, store off-season items in space saver bags/bins in basement or spare closet.
  • If you are going to switch out seasonal items, put it on your calendar and make time for it, otherwise you live in transition for weeks on end.
  • Assess where to store things based on if you have more shelf space or hanging space.

If you have a lot of hanging space, here’s a few links for closet supplies

Double hanging rod – life changing! Doubles your hanging space with $15
Hanging shoe rack – for shoes, accessories, socks, slips
Hanging wide cubby
for folded clothes
Over the door cubbies
– shoes, socks, accessories, think outside the box
for scarves, belts, purses

If you have a lot of folding space in drawers or on shelves:

Use shelf dividers that slide on so there is some structure and things don’t fall over
Use the back of doors to create more hanging space for hooks or hanging organizers
Use clear containers for shoes – then they don’t get dusty and less worn shoes or seasonal shoes stay wall kept
Use bins on the shelf to keep items categorized
Roll clothes in a bin or drawer so you can see them all and they don’t unfold when you take on out. Storing them vertically rather than horizontally.
Don’t micro fold your clothes – fold jeans into thirds and shirts/tanks in half or quarter so they don’t fall over.
 Command hooks for bags or scarves|

How to maintain it

  • Stay aware of items coming in. “1 in, 2 out rule.” For every new pair of shoes, you buy, you get rid of two.
  • Store empty hangers in a bin at bottom of closet or move to the end of the hanging rod.
  • Sort by sleeve length, easier to see what you have.
  • Purge twice a year. Put it on your calendar.
  • Have a donate bin in your closet, so items you don’t like, don’t go back on the hanger.
  • Don’t store items that aren’t clothing related in your closet. Closets can become a catch all for things you don’t know what to do with.
  • Have sufficient light. Battery operated push lights can easily be added with a little sticky tape.
  • Get all your clothes put completely away and re-hung on laundry day
  • Spruce up each day or weekend.
  • Don’t throw clothes on the floor. Re-hang when you change your mind on your outfit selection. It only takes 10 seconds and makes a HUGE difference.
  • Have a laundry basket in each bedroom so items don’t land on the floor.
  • Visual trick to purging - Turn all your hangers around and at the end of each season there is un-deniable proof of what you’ve worn/not worn.
  • Paint the back wall of the closet for contrast and enjoyment!
  • Keep a list of items you need to purchase to complete an outfit, damaged items that need to be replaced, or a wish list for your next birthday.
  • Pick out your clothes the night before so you aren’t throwing items back on the floor when you’re in a frantic rush to get out the door. Starts your day off feeling prepared!

Closets are a revolving door. The spaces that get the most activity is the hardest to maintain, but make the biggest difference in our daily lives. When you love opening the doors to your closet because you know you love what’s in there, you will notice your confidence begin to boost!

Written by: Michelle Kuiken, The Proper Place

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