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Task: Pick a project you have been avoiding

1Cor 10:33 “You say, ‘I am allowed to do anything’--but not everything is good for you. You say,’ I am allowed to do anything’--but not everything is beneficial.”

It’s hard to get yourself motivated to do some tasks that you just don’t like doing.  What motivates you to do something? Is it a priority in your life?  Do you live by a schedule or allow distractions to rule your day? When it comes to organizing, it’s easy to procrastinate.  You know things are getting out of hand.  You know that the garage or basement is full of stuff you’ll never use.  You know the closets are bulging with outgrown, ill-fitted clothes and shoes. So why do you procrastinate?  It’s a matter of time.

So how can we be more productive?  Let’s evaluate how we spend our time.  Do we have in mind the things we want to accomplish that day? Or, are we rushed in the morning, running late for appointments or work?  Have we prepared the night before to gather what we need the next day like grocery lists, items to be returned to the store or people we need to contact?  Or, are we frantically looking for our keys and trying to remember what we need before we leave the house?

What robs our hours away from us each day? Is it daydreaming, computer games, mindless distractions, too many commitments, constant texting or TV? What life changes do we need to make so that we have the time to clean off our desk, de-clutter the kitchen, clear out the closet or clean the bathroom?

Take the time this month to evaluate how you use time. Not that every minute needs to be accounted for but that you recognize what is stealing your time away from you.  Every week you have certain obligations be it church activities, work, running a household, social events, volunteering, etc.  And to function well you need  7-8 hours of sleep each night.  Develop good habits to eradicate those things you discover that rob your time; delegate chores, if possible, for others to manage.  Set time limits for unproductive activities. You will find you have more freedom to get to those projects you have been putting off for a while.  You will be productive, pleased and blessed at the end of each day.

Written by: Kathy Meckley, Transforming Spaces

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