How to Organize Mail

How to Organize Your Mail

Task: Open and sort all mail

1 Cor. 14:40 “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

For many of us, our biggest organizing opportunity is paper, in general …. and particularly mail.  It accumulates so fast. I have encountered so many clients that simply let it pile up, then they just throw it in a plastic bag or a box and hope for the best???  

When you walk in the door with your mail, analyze what you are doing with it.  Does it end up on the entry foyer furniture, kitchen or dining room table or counter top?  Does it pile up here before you finally address all the papers? Do you find you paying late fees?  The solution is to develop new, good habits.

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Prepare Him Room

Let every heart prepare Him room?!

Task: Prepare your home for company.

Psalm 22:3 “The Lord inhabits the praises of his people! God comes and makes His dwelling with us! He lives and abides with us!”

We've sung this beautiful song for so many years and now it somehow has a special meaning to the eyes of a Faithful Organizer!  So, how does one go about preparing a room for a King? Very early in my journey to becoming organized, I realized something very important. I saw how I would be so diligent in trying to clean up my home in lieu of 'the arrival of a guest'.  I'd scurry about here and there to make our home presentable. I'd throw out the trash, light some candles, take out the best of our linens and towels, set the table with our best dishes, glassware and silverware! I'd cook their favorite meals and make sure all their needs were met! Their room would be as comfortable as it could be.  I'd even be at my best behavior and be so well mannered. I'd treat them like royalty!  So, if a King were to come to my home, I think I'd know what to do! But, God quickly taught me a valuable lesson: the people I had to honor in my life were the people closest to my heart, my family.  He showed me how I ought to love them just as I would love Him. To honor and respect them, the same way as I would Jesus; to welcome them with the highest regard as they came home; to serve them joyfully with all my heart, and with the best I had to offer!  So, with that in mind, decluttering and organizing had a whole new meaning to me. I wanted to make a place of comfort and refuge for the people I loved!

Prepared by: Sangita Evans, Clear and Hear

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