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Task: If you missed a day, do it today!

2 Cor. 1:12 “For our boast is this, the testimony of our conscience, that we behaved in the world with simplicity and godly sincerity, not by earthly wisdom but by grace of God, and supremely so toward you."

When we really don’t want to do something, we tend to find a way to make it complicated. Then we have a good excuse for not doing it in the first place! We agonize over the cost of the supplies or how much time it will take. We over analyze the procedure and research way too many websites.
How about a different approach? Start with SIMPLE!


  1. Decide to make your bed every morning.
  2. Decide to clean up the kitchen every night.
  3. Decide to wash/dry/and put away each load of laundry.
  4. Decide to sort your mail every day.
  5. Decide to immediately trash/recycle junk mail.
  6. Decide to create designated homes for items you use.
  7. Decide to put items away, not just anywhere, when finished using them.
  8. Decide to arrive 5 minutes early at your destinations.
  9. Decide to go to bed at the same time each night.
  10. Decide to get up at the same time each morning.


  1. I never liked the ugly mess of internet cords on my kitchen shelf. I was delighted to find a small container to hide that mess and yet not interfere with my internet wireless service!
  2. I’ve been looking for new bedroom curtains for several weeks. With 2 simple stitching lines, I can transform a lace tablecloth into a pretty curtain panel!
  3. I wanted one place to track my monthly income and expenses. I created a simple, one page Word chart that is concise, handy, and easy to use. The charts for the year all fit into a small binder with room for receipts and statements. You can also use Excel to create a spreadsheet.
  4.   I wanted my pantry to be useful and stocked with foods I really eat. I emptied all the shelves, sorted all the items, and only put back what I really use. I lined up the items like in a grocery store so I can quickly see what is available or needs replaced. I eliminated random specialty items for forgotten recipes! Other items were donated to a food drive.
  5. I wanted my kitchen cabinets to be easier to use. I emptied all the shelves, sorted all the items    and only kept what I really need and use for this season of my life. It is easier to find a dish and easier to put clean dishes away. And I even had room on the top shelf for some pretty “special   occasion” dishes that I can now use every day!
  6. I like having a clean and tidy car. Every time I get out of the car, I collect up trash, papers, coupons, and cups. I keep a package of wet cleaning wipes under the front seat and quickly wipe up any spills. I store first aid supplies, personal supplies, treats, maps, and coupons in zippered pouches in the glove compartment or door pockets. I go to the $5 car wash every month.
  7. A carabiner clip for keys is quite useful and has saves tons of time (slight exaggeration)! It easily slips on to a purse handle, belt loop, or wall hook.

You can do this too. Complete what you started.  Finish the challenge!

Written by: Olive Wagar, Organized by Olive

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