The Wisdom of Solomon


Task: Establish next month’s goals.

Proverbs. 23:7 "For as [one] thinks in his heart, so is he."

Solomon offers a powerful approach for us to use as we think about change.  How we think determines who we become and how we act. The disorganization of a house flows directly from out of our thought processes.

How much time and energy do our you spend trying to attain something, whether emotionally or physically, which you believe you need in order to be happier, more fulfilled or make life easier? Common examples of where they get caught up in the “chase” include: 

  • Believing we need someone's approval.
  • Believing the next "planner" will organize our lives (instead of organizing it ourselves.)
  • Believing that some better-than-Botox cream will make us beautiful.
  • Believing that our child needs a specific brand item or toy to be happy.
  • Believing that we are responsible for someone else's happiness.
  • Believing that we are responsible for "fixing" problems beyond our control.

If I change what I Believe, I will change my Thinking.
If I change my Thinking I will change my Feelings.
If I change my Feelings I will change my Actions.
If I change my Actions, I will change my Life. “

The following is a wonderful example on how you can begin the transformation process. I call it making a Peace Treaty.”

I will decorate and make peace with all the battle scars that my dear home comes with. I will not complain about the past and how you came into my possession. I will rejoice that you have gone up in value and that you are a good investment.

I will make a joyful noise within your walls because you have nurtured many good memories within the years I have lived here. You have witnessed restoration within the family, healing and health. You have felt hands climb your stairs; you have heard cries for food and delightful laugher.

I have had the joy of many family meals, starting new traditions within your walls. You have seen me deal with sorrow, disappointments, tears, joy and laughter and when it all subsided there was a spirit of intense gratitude and peace. The joy of the Lord dwells within these hallowed walls and within my heart.

Today I declare that I will begin to nest and settle within your partitions. I will give of myself to whoever walks within your doors whether to give a listening ear or feed a hungry body or soul. I will love and nurture, weep and laugh and imprint the love of Jesus on each person who crosses the threshold of your entrance. I will give special attention to angels who visit un-aware. I will sing of His praises to the rising of the sun and the going down of the same.

I will pray and read to strengthen myself and know who I am in Christ Jesus. I will rely on His Holy Spirit to direct and order my footsteps. I will give thanks for the gifts He has given: family, friends and the furry creations that rumble through out this house in play.

I will share and give of the abundance that He has brought into my life. I ask that He will give me the willingness to release what needs to be released with wisdom and great pleasure.

I will grow old with satisfaction yet remain young in heart and spirit.  I will move aside as I possess your bulwark and bring change. Much of your decayed history will be cast aside as we endeavor to restore you to a former time of newness. Your hearth has given warmth
and pleasure as we have started and finished our day in your inviting glow. My discontent has given way to contentment. My disgruntled spirit has surrendered to willingness and blessing. My inner child has grown curious as to where the future days will lead us. And you have become the central point of it all.

Author Unknown

Written: by: Eileen Koff, Eileen Koff Ministries

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