Tearing Down the Idols in Your Life

Tearing Down the Idols in Your Life

Task: Reduce a personal collection.

II Chron. 23:16 "Jehoiada then made a covenant that he, the people and the king would be the Lord's people.”

Clutter builds over time, slowly and consistently, until one day you realize you're living in what feels like a disaster zone.  Sin also builds over time, slowly and consistently, until one day you realize you're living a life that feels like a wreck! It builds up over time and eventually you must face it – you can't help but recognize its destructiveness in your life. At that point, when you can no longer face it, you reach out to the Lord for help in dealing with your sin-cluttered life.

 The Priest dealt with his community of "sin-clutterers!” He called every one of them together as a group and recommitted them to the Lord and His work. Then he made them deal with the sin-clutter in their lives – they had to do the work – they had to go tear down the idols they'd allowed to be built up! 

We all have that sinful nature; the old life that wants to fulfill its selfish desires. But we do have the choice to not allow that old nature into our lives! By renewing our minds with God's desires and consistently confessing sin we keep our lives free of "sin-clutter”. 

Physical clutter and sin clutter both draw you in with their initial charm; things that no one will see, things that you just can't resist! Both can be ignored or dealt with. Both will negatively impact your life.

It takes hard work to keep sin-clutter from building up in our lives! But we can handle it. We can choose to tear down those "idols” that take position in our life, positions that belong to God! We can to choose to "destroy” whatever pulls our hearts away from our High Priest, Jesus Christ! And then we can recommit ourselves to be the Lord's people!

Father, we don't want to be so numb to sin that it begins to pile up in our lives! We want to face it daily, destroying its hold in our lives! We thank You for the blood of Jesus that was shed for our sin – to wash us white as snow! Let us not hang onto sin but confess it quickly! We love You Lord, in Jesus' name, AMEN!

Written by: Tracy Axcell, Forever His Bride

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