The Organizing Gene -Part 2

The Organizing Gene. Did you inherit it? Part 2

 Task: Work with your children to organize their stuff.

1 Peter 4:10 "Each one should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms."

It would be so convenient if all parents and children were born with the “organizing gene.” The reality is, only 10% of humans are born with the innate ability to create systems and maintain them. Luckily, if done correctly, organizing skills can be taught. Parents can teach their children to maintain orderly environments by starting them out with age-appropriate systems. Here are some key rules of engagement for helping your child get organized:

Rules of Engagement - Parents Organizing Their Child, where parent has the “organizing gene”/child does not

  • Centralize their items in their room. It is difficult for children of any age to find what they are looking for if it is all over the house.
  • Too much stuff is overwhelming. If you want your child to have any hope of staying organized, you must help reduce the number of items that must be organized.
  • Create age-appropriate storage solutions. Deep bins are difficult for small children, as everything gets lost at the bottom. Show them how to use smaller storage solutions, one for each category of toy, and clearly label each container. Make sure storage is at the eye level of the child, not the adult.
  • Respect personal style. It is important to assess your child’s natural tendencies and desires when it comes to their room and the house. Give them space to make decisions and continue to lead by example. Don’t worry about perfection.
  • “A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place” is the Golden Rule of Organizing. Let your child be involved in choosing the homes for everything. The best way to get buy-in to the organizing system is to ask your child for ideas.

The Lord gave each of us unique gifts to share with the world. Remember to show grace and mercy to those who can never seem to get organized; they have different God-given gifts that you do not possess.

Submitted by: Angela Cody, Major Organizers

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