Faithful Organizer Membership Subscription

Please enter information on the form below to process subscription for Faithful Organizer Membership.


You must be an individual currently in business as a professional organizer OR an individual who is in a business that provides organizing products or services to professional organizers and/or their clients.

You must consider yourself of the Christian Faith.

You must be willing to abide by the Faithful Organizers code of ethics.
  • The description of your services are the words that appear in your listing on the Faithful Organizers web site.
  • Your description is limited to about 30 words or 300 'characters'.
  • The web administrator reserves the right to edit as needed.
1. New applicants will pay immediately via PayPal.

2. You will also be invited to participate in the Faithful Organizers Secret Facebook Group. The Faithful Organizers Secret Facebook Group is only open to Faithful Organizers members and is our primary source of communication. If you decide to opt out, you will miss out on information and opportunities offered through the Faithful Organizers Secret Facebook Group.

3. Faithful Organizers reserves the right to deny or cancel your membership for any reason, at any time. All memberships are subject to Faithful Organizers’’ verification of information provided by applicants, and background checks, including criminal matters and other due diligence in order to maintain its reputation as a high-quality Christian organization. Refund of Dues for partial year membership may be refunded at the discretion of Faithful Organizers.

*If you have any questions, or are unable to complete this form, please feel free to contact the membership director at

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