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Members of Faithful Organizers® are available for local, national and international interviews for print, on the radio, cable and television networks. Search our Find an Organizer directory for your region specific market. For more information regarding Faithful Organizers®, contact us.


Heather Furlong joined the Faithful Organizer’s board to fill vacant slot as Director of Marketing. Ms. Furlong desires to move in an internal direction focusing more on members by using tools such as Facebook Live to grow and solidify the organization.  Heather also serves as administrator to the organizations’ private Facebook page since it originated in April 2015.  Ms. Furlong has been a member of Faithful Organizers since 2007. 

Angela Cody was re-elected to continue serving as executive director. “Serving on the board is a way to bring God’s light to the organizing and productivity industry,” is one of her reasons for volunteering to lead Faithful Organizers. She first served on the board as Director of Technology. Virtual Devotions and Educational Webinars were begun under her guidance. During her tenure as executive director, Ms. Cody appeared on Shark Tank promoting her business concept. Her family also experienced an unplanned move from Arizona to California where she had to reopen her business. Angela’s membership began in 2008.

Lisa Dodson (member since 2015), was re-elected as Secretary, as well.  Other members include Cassie Thompson, Treasurer (member since 2016), and Sangita Evans (member since 2016), Director of Education.

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Organize His Way Webinar


Eileen Koff, CPO to Conduct Faithful Organizers Webinar


Certified Professional Organizer Eileen Koff will be conducting a Faithful Organizers webinar based on her book “Organize His Way – A Christ-Centered Approach to Organizing Your Life” beginning February 21, 2017.  The course will run for 6 weeks. Her book published in 2014 by Redemption Press, has already been taught in several national locations and continues to inspire both readers and teachers. This class is open to members and non-members.  To register, to go the link below.

 Eileen became a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) in 1998. That same year she founded her professional organizing company "To The Next Level". For nearly a decade, Eileen served as NAPO's Publication Chair, editor of the NAPO News and Communication Project Head for the Education Committee. In 2007 she became a board-certified professional organizer. Eileen holds a Level II Specialist Certificate with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. Her long-standing emphasis on eco-friendly solutions for her clients led her to receive the "Best Green Service" award by NAPO-LA in 2013.  Eileen was the Devotion and Prayer Director for Faithful Organizers for many years and is a columnist for Just Between Us, a Christian women's magazine.

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Faithful Organizers announces three new board members.  Angela Cody-Rouget, Katherine Trezise and Lisa Dodson began their two year term as directors of Faithful Organizers and bring a wealth of expertise with them.  Angela, our Executive Director is the owner and founder of Major Organizers based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Ms. Cody-Rouget is an army veteran reaching the rank of Major before opening her business as a Christian Professional Organizer.  She has appeared on the television show Shark Tank promoting her concept of the future of organizing businesses. Angela previously served on the board as the Technology Director.   Katherine Trezise, a Certified Professional Organizer, serves as Membership Director.  Her company, Absolutely Organized, is based in John's Creek, GA and Baltimore, MD.  She and her staff have been helping people organize their homes, paperwork, and finances since 1999.   Our secretary, Lisa Dodson, hails from southern California.   Lisa, sole proprietor of Lisa R. Dodson, Professional Organizer, entered the industry in 2013.  Her organizational skills will be an asset in the “behind the scenes” function of the board.  Other members of the board include Eileen Koff, Education Director; Kim Williams, Treasurer; and Kathy Meckley, Marketing Director.   The focus of the new board is for Faithful Organizers to continue to grow and be the number one resource for Christian organizers and specialists.  New webinars will be available and they will concentrate on enriching our community of Faithful Organizers.




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God is moving us in mighty ways.  Eileen Koff, Faithful Organizers' Education and Devotions director, completed a two part interview on the Health Begins at Home podcast.  Brooke Lounsbury, RN, hosted the hour long broadcast. Her program, Health Begins at Home, airs on both Messianic Lamb radio and Hebrew Nation Radio.Eileen discusses many facets of organizing including the various aspects of the situationally challenged, chronically challenged and hoarders.  The majority of our clients come under the first two categories.  Hoarders are unique in that they require assistance with specially trained organizers and therapists.  Eileen further covers the differences between being an organized person and what a professional organizers does.Ms. Koff, author of the book “Organize His way” explains the importance of how an organized life can declutter and improve your relationships and draw you closer to God. The interview also covers the correlation between organizing and purging your home for Passover. Click here to listen to podcast #70.  It is 55 minutes long so curl up with a nice cup tea in your favorite chair to take it all in.


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TORRENCE, CA (February 26, 2016) – Faithful Organizers, an international group of Christian Professional Organizers, is launching their first organizing challenge to the public. March Toward Simplicity will run the entire month of March with the exception of Sundays.  Each day, participants will be challenged to complete a small organizing task to help simplify their lives. Members of the organization are encouraging their clients and affiliates to participate in the challenge as way to motivate them to address their clutter in small chunks and to maintain the systems they have in place.

 “This is a tremendous opportunity for people to be part of something big,” says Jean Furuya, Faithful Organizers executive director.  “Getting organized ranks 4th in New Year’s resolutions.  This challenge will motivate participants to do a quick, daily project to see how simple it is to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. We are addressing several different aspects of organization including time management, productivity and household clutter.   It is our hope that the feeling of success will continue beyond the challenge to where organizing becomes a daily activity.”

The calendar will be accessible  on the Faithful Organizers home page.   It can also be found on their Facebook page: Organizers. 


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