Speaker Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our speakers?

Every Faithful Organizer speaker brings a unique personality to the program, workshop, seminar or conference. Each speaker offers a wide range of topics both Christian and secular in nature. You can learn more about them and what they offer on their websites.

What are the topics?

The topics available vary from organization to paper/electronic management to productivity. Each speaker lists their topics on their website.

How long is each presentation?

The length of each presentation varies with each speaker. Some offer 20 minute Brown Bag informal programs. Others put forward multi-day events. And everything else in between is available.

Is there a size limit for the audience?

The size limit depends upon the type of presentation and the speaker’s requirements.

What is the normal speaking fee?

Rates are dependent upon the size of the group and whether or not the seminar is for a business or a nonprofit organization. A few organizers may offer free services. Travel expenses may apply. Check their websites for details.

What AV equipment is required?

This will need to be determined by each speaker.

Do speakers have books or products to sell?

Faithful Organizers® is blessed to have several members who have authored one or more books. Many also offer products on their websites. Usually, these items are available for purchase at the time of the presentation. Space for a display may be required.

Are recordings allowed?

This is an individual preference of the speaker.

Can speakers provide references?

We encourage you to ask for references. Several speakers provide a list on their website of places they have done presentations and programs.

“Speak with them in such a way they will want to listen to you. Do not let your talk sound foolish. Know how to give the right answer to anyone.”

Colossians 4:6 NLV